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About Us

The Society was established in Izmir in 1992. The objectives of our Society on horticultural topics are as follows:
- To conduct scientific research
- To prepare publications
- To present research results to growers, extension services, and publishers
- To organize activities among related partners
- To help developing member’s occupational skills and protecting their rights
- To organize cooperation among universities, research institutes, and public and private sectors

There are two types of membership, namely regular and honorary. The regular general assembly of the Society is held every two years in May. Regular membership is open to Turkish citizens interested in horticulture as researcher, educator and industry professional. Honorary membership is open to all over the world.
For the honorary membership, the following criteria from the Society Statutes are required: Article 9 – In order to be an honorary member of the Society:

a. People who are eligible to have civil rights, finished 18 years of age can be registered, however they cannot vote in the general assembly.
b. They are expected to serve in the society with their knowledge, expertise, experience, pecuniary and moral merit, and talent.
c. Their honorary membership must be approved by the Board.
d. People, who are well-known in the field of horticulture and not a citizen of Turkish Republic, can be an honorary member by the decree of the Board.

Article 11 – The honorary members can participate in regular, extraordinary, and every scientific meeting. Although they have the right to speak and offer, they do not have the right to vote and be elected in the boards.